Our Vision

"Making miracles in the human heart."

I'm not here to give you a lesson or a sermon, but what's in me will come out onto the written page. The refreshment and comfort that only God can give will flow to you from my writing. God has been gracious, merciful, and kind to me. In my fiction, the characters experience this peace from God, too. Hopefully, this exposure to images of his goodness can help work a miracle in your heart. We could all use one, don't you think?

Our Story

As a pre-teen girl, Stephanie wrote stories about cute boys and pretty girls finding love in the middle of unlikely circumstances. As she got older, the wording improved, but in general, the theme hasn't changed. A good romance is a good romance, and her formula works.

Beyond her fiction, she writes about the struggles that she has endured, is enduring, has overcome, and she even shares some of her losses. Please receive encouragement from the message in her non-fiction, as well. It's here to show you that if Stephanie is still standing, you will make it, too.

Meet the Team

Just kidding. There is no "official" team. God has gifted Stephanie with talented friends and family who bring her encouragement, food, kindness, care, and even occasional technical support. They're great people, and she's grateful to have them as a part of her life that enriches yet adds no sorrow.

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Friends and Family


Next Steps...

If you're interested in learning more, feel free to go to the Kindle Author Page and see if you might like to purchase a book to keep this labor of love going strong.