A Different Marriage

So, my hubby has had a fanatical love of cars for his entire life. When we’re driving down the highway and there’s a hot chick in a convertible, he’s staring at the car checking to see if it’s got original paint or if it’s been updated. He collects VW memorabilia, and he likes to attend car shows.

I am not quite at that level. In fact, ask me what kind of car my son drives and I’ve got to ask my hubby. Ask me the year of my own vehicle, and most of the time, I know it. Yes, it’s bad. I’m not motivated at all by automobiles. The way to turn my head when you show me a car is to tell me that it’s fully paid off, or even better, that you bought it for cash well under it’s book value. Now, I’m listening.

So, how do two people as different as we are survive with such different tastes? You know, we don’t really worry about it. He lets me and even helps me pursue my hobbies. I help him find websites as needed for his pursuits. We encourage one another to have fun in ways that don’t break the budget. We’re both cheap, you could say, and that commonality bonds us.

Today, we drove to the tag office to get a new license plate for his latest fixer upper vehicle. He got it for a great deal, and he’s excited about adding to it. I’m placidly happy for him. I’m extremely excited about other things. That’s okay. Marriage isn’t always about being the same. It’s often about bonding while staying different. Today, it means we took a trip together and shared the same salad at lunch. We enjoyed a quiet drive with some stops to enjoy nature. Life is good.

If you’ve been duped into wrong thinking, it’s okay. Start over. It’s fine if your marriage doesn’t include finishing each other’s sentences. You can fill each other’s voids. You can be his opposite and make his life full anyway. I find it works just fine for us. I hope you discover that it’s great for you, too.

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