When I reached my limit

For the past weeks, I’ve been in a process of slow decline. It started out so gradually that I began feeling just a bit down without there being any reason for it. Then, as my mind began searching for reasons for this sadness, I began to get a little more discouraged. Within days I found more reasons creeping up and shyly sidling up to me. Like adorable little foxes, they seemed harmless. After all, I told myself that I deserved some pity, and if no one else would show me any, I could comfort myself. Spoiler alert: “Me time” was just poorly disguised self-pity, and it didn’t help.

No biggie. I could handle these cute little foxes one by one. For a bit. But then, all at once last week, these knee-high distractions ganged up on me and began to completely remove my equilibrium. Before I knew it, I was falling down and buried in valid reasons to be upset. To be angry. To be downright mad.

Disclaimer: I’m battling mental illness, and I had begun skipping my pills, so in that situation, what takes years for other people can evolved super fast for me. My mental condition can go from fine to losing it pretty quickly.

I’m not like you. Most likely, you’re feeling pretty glad about that right now. But what if I told you that this process could affect your life in a bigger way than it affects mine? Would you believe me? It’s true.

You see, it happens fast in my life, so I have to deal with it right away. However, most people can handle a few little foxes. Over time, they can do real damage if you let little issues pile up.

So what now? Well, learn from me. Start now to deal with those little foxes that spoil the vines. That way, when you might have reached your breaking point a few years down the road, you won’t have to. Isn’t that great? I wish I had realized it sooner.

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