New Adventures

For the past few years, I’ve been raising babies again. After almost two decades, I was changing diapers, preparing milk for a 4 month old baby, and then piling up new joys and happy experiences day after day.

I tried to lose weight with Beachbody, which worked, but wasn’t financially sustainable. I lost my sense of self and went into a dark place emotionally. I almost left my marriage, which if you know me is my favorite thing on Earth! Eventually, I found my way to the other side with amazing Christian friends like my BF, as well as Faith, Coffee, & Journal, a women’s ministry that rocks.

Through a series of crazy and difficult events, I realized that I was better but that I still needed counseling. The excellent professionals talked with me and did the oddest thing. They diagnosed me with PTSD and depression and ADHD, and they put me on meds. It’s one medication that saved my life and my sanity. I never knew what normal was like until now.

Have I said it’s been a big few years? Oh yes it has. And I’m exhausted but oh so happy. However, with so many outside focuses, my weight came back, aches and pains increased, and so it’s time to try another healthy lifestyle change. The Ketogenic Diet! Free information available online is my resource. I can afford this!

I’m on my second day of Keto and I’m enjoying it so much. I’m a meat eater, I love rich foods, and I’m pretty into green veggies. Why have I taken so long to try this? I’m doing it now. That’s all that matters. And I just ate something delicious. Lol. I laugh because I can’t believe this is healthy and beneficial to my body.

Today’s lunch was a piece of salmon cooked in real butter with two tablespoons of almond powder, a thick slice of Swiss cheese, and two tablespoons of half and half. It made a rich cheese sauce that went well with the frozen broccoli that I steamed for 3 minutes before adding it to the pan. I plan to snack in between meals while my body adjusts to keto. Then, hopefully, the all-consuming hunger that has been a constant part of my life should calm down a bit.

For snacks, I’ve made broth with a beaten egg dropped into it, and then a few hours later, a handful of peanuts. It’s a process, but I’m thinking it will be worthwhile.

I’m determined to grow, learn, and change continually throughout my life. Which is why I keep trying to find a healthy lifestyle plan that will stick. If I find myself in an unhealthy rut, I’ll make changes until I’m back out of it. Thus my involvement with the women’s ministry and counseling. I hope you’ll join me in this effort to change for the better, no matter what your rut may be. It makes every day a little more of an adventure.

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