The End from the Beginning

God’s word says he knows the end from the beginning. That means he’s already aware that I’m going to crush this “100 Days to Brave” challenge that we’re doing in Faith, Coffee and Journal, an online community for developing women into leaders who shine God’s light on those around them. I’m writing a letter from that 100th day perspective. I hope to be able to say something like this:

It’s been 100 days of this challenge. I’ve been stretched, refreshed, and everything in between. It’s been a journey that required persistence and faith, and I believe it was worth the work that I put into it.

I started out searching for that valor that would make me take a step into the future with boldness, but above all, I’ve developed the ability to hold onto Jesus more firmly, love others more fully, and embrace every step of the process. I’m not waiting for the journey to end, but rather, I’m enjoying the privilege of being included in the body of believers who have taken this walk.

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