A butterfly begins ugly, and your first instinct is, “Ew, how ugly!” In its larva stage, it’s not attractive. But within it’s fuzzy, worm-like structure is the ability to transform into a beautiful, paper-thin, delicate butterfly. This ravenous, often unpleasant little creature has a destiny that is much greater than its undeveloped physical appearance would seem to imply.

Like caterpillars, we are often anything but ideal candidates when we start out on this journey of faith. We have too many faults, both hidden and noticeable. But we have a secret promise when we’re born again. There is salvation available to our souls through that new birth, but with it comes the ability to become lovely, and because of Christ, you now have the chance to become a thing of beauty.

I just feel so encouraged when I think that I’m not in this alone. I’m accompanied by the One who put each star in place. I’m with him. And he’s with me. Pretty cool, huh?

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