Flowering Deserts

I listened to a message today about the effect the weather phenomenon, “El Nino” had on the driest place on Earth, a desert in the South American country of Chile. This desert has so little rainfall throughout the year that a rational, reasonable person would never bother to scatter a seed there. But our God’s ways are so different from human reasoning. God scatters his seeds over that land and prepares the ground with abundant mineral content throughout years and years of arrid conditions. They lie dormant until those rare but abundant rains come.

Then, flowers spring up in the desert. And beautiful pink flowers, not the sickly dandelions you might expect. No, these are gorgeous and plentiful, covering the ground with beauty and a visual image reminding us of God’s grace

Why? Why would my God take all this trouble to farm a land that has so little chance of springing up new life? Why does our Lord seemingly waste these resources? What is he doing? I’ll tell you what I think. To me, it looks like he’s reminding us that no amount of love, compassion, and joy is too much for God to pour out in his creation that he loves so much. God likes to show his attention to detail, his desire to meet not just our needs for physical sustenance, but also to meet our need to experience happiness.

He’s got a plan for that little piece of land. He prepares it decades in advance. And then, when he’s ready, the beauty that was hidden for so long surfaces. Isn’t that lovely?

You’re a precious creation, made from the same dirt that God sprinkled all over that desert floor. And like that desert earth, maybe you don’t exactly look vibrant, flourishing, and full of life. But the seeds are there. The land is ready. And in due time, your rains will come. Trust him, and I’m sure. I mean it, I’m absolutely certain. You’ll see that moment in your life, and the beautiful, vibrant, lovely flowers of your heart will spring up. Just keep on walking this journey of faith. It’s coming.

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