Antibodies and Everybody

It’s been a sniffley season in my household. Just about everyone is feeling yucky, and while we’re all trying to act like it’s not affecting our moods, it’s just anyone. And we’re all giving Academy Award-worthy performances. No one from outside the house would notice. But we’re a little less willing to give up our comfy spot on the couch to go get anyone else some water. We’re all clinging just a little harder than usual onto our right to be left alone.

Do you want the whole world to shut up and back up a step today? If not, can you relate to that feeling? Today, it’s temporary. I’ll be getting over this allergic and germy season and I’ll be cheerful and eager for a chance to bless those around me. Until then, I’m going to “faith it until I make it.” Because I’m called to be a light, and I shine best when I don’t cling to my right to shut off the brightness within me.

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