Aches, Pains, and Fitness Goals

I’ve tried for years to lose weight alone. Then, I tried again alone but in a different way. Surely, that would work? Nope. I asked people to help keep me accountable. Then, I made excuses for why I was cheating — just this once. They would quit trying to hold me accountable. So, I’d end up cheating more than once, and then more than twice. Finally, in my mid-40s, I decided to get real help.

Okay, so this person, a Beachbody coach, has been gently encouraging me for months. I did well for a few weeks. Then, I kind of fell off of it. I was determined, but then I decided to give it all up when I faced a bunch of setbacks. This kind lady sent me a message, so I tried again. She added me to an accountability group, and now, I was more focused. Then, more setbacks. Another decision to forget about it.

This week, she got back in touch at just the right moment. I signed up for a 30 day trial to the workout videos. I did the easiest one I could find. No weights, low difficulty, a great idea. And about 2 minutes into it, I was so discouraged. I had to modify the modified moves. I was barely doing anything. My wrists won’t let me rest my weight on my hands, so push-ups were out of the question. Well, this workout has one full minute of push-ups, and two rounds of that. My hips burned a few times. My knees can’t take too many deep squats. And my toes haven’t allowed me to do much for years. They’re the other half of the reason I can’t do a push-up, though if I’m being honest, I never was good at push-ups when in peak condition.

I’m a strong, healthy woman. I told myself this as I gained weight through the years. I still felt great. Or so I thought.

Then, I thought about what I’d say to my coach about quitting. I couldn’t go to her and make excuses. She was kind and helpful, but she didn’t put up with excuses. If I quit, she would allow me to, of course, but I knew that she wouldn’t believe a single one of my whiny complaints. People twice my size had done it, and I could, too.

What would I say to someone else if they wanted to quit? I’d say modify whatever you need to modify, but you finish that workout. Do it all the way to the end. But this isn’t even exercise at this point, I whined to myself as I did a standing pushup against a tall dresser. Almost no exercise is better than none at all, I told myself.

I’m being spurred on to good deeds, as the Bible encourages us to do. I’m grateful for my coach. I hope someday, in some way, I can be that type of encourager for someone else. Maybe you.

If you want to see if I’ve followed through with my workout routine, check out my Facebook fitness page:

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