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Several years ago, I got the idea of doing a YouTube video series about the Bible. At first, I considered reading through the pages of the Bible out loud day by day. When I gave up on that, I thought about covering all the best kids’ stories. I’m a talented storyteller, and I thought that kids would find it fun. Finally, I began to think about what other people hadn’t done — the parts no one would ever cover. And at this time, my mind kept reverberating with one Bible verse: “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.” 2Timothy 3:16 (Webster’s Bible Translation)

Now, if all scripture is good for instruction, then why are there whole sections of the Bible being ignored in the pulpits today? What was present in these segments of scripture that our culture is missing now because we have neglected them? Well, I tried talking about this idea with some of my godliest friends, and they pretty much blushed and told me that only I would consider teaching from these passages. Apparently, there are some things that God considers appropriate which we have decided to think of as dirty. Something is wrong with our society when we can sing along with a song about a sexual affair (think Saving All My Love by Whitney Houston), but we find the descriptions of marital lovemaking in Song of Solomon something dirty.

For years, I held onto an ungodly standard of romance. I planned to wait until marriage before I had sex, but I wasn’t all too concerned with keeping my thought life in check, as long as I kept it private. Jesus says, on the other hand, that if we look upon another person with lust in our hearts, we’re in sin. I wasn’t exactly lusting over the human form, but I certainly found myself attracted to certain characteristics of some of the men that I’d met. Secret thoughts are as disgusting to him as public sin. Obviously, there was something wrong with my heart.

And there’s something wrong with most of us when a song like “Saving All My Love” is respectable, but some sexual references in Song of Solomon, God’s own words, are not.

My TMI Bible series may be the slightest bit inaccurate at times. I’m recording these videos from memory while I’m in various places far from my Bible. Often, I don’t have time to look up and review the story before I do the recordings. But they will be connected with some blogs that will go deeper into the story. They’re going to be short, followed by a longer description and maybe some connections that I find between this passage of the Bible and another one. But if you read the first short paragraph, you’ll have most of the point.

Hopefully, between the videos and the blogs, you’ll learn about another side of our God — a creator who isn’t afraid of bodily fluids and who doesn’t cringe when we have sex inside of marriage. He’s not shy about your nakedness or mine, and He loves when we’re really, truly fulfilled in the right sexual context. That means in marriage, with our spouse, and when we’re both living a godly life, He’s our biggest sexual cheerleader. He loves us, He’s happy with us, and He wants us to have fun. Who is this King of Glory? He’s the one who made you and me, and the one who loves us all more than we could imagine.

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