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I have no talent to make cupcakes of this caliber and beauty, yet my best friend does it with effortless ease. She put these together for my first granddaughter's baby shower and made a lovely presentation for the cake table. Honestly, I cannot imagine having this level of talent, especially knowing that she takes less than 4 seconds per cupcake to make these sweet beauties.

My best friend is good at everything that I'm not. She's talented in the visual arts. She can sing. She is excellent at planning trips and designing amazing experiences for her family. She is also very, very funny, and she finds me funny, too.

Why am I telling you all this? Because she and I were on opposing sides during the 2016 election season. We each had strong, well-reasoned considerations for our voting choices, but we reached opposite conclusions. And you know what? Our friendship remained strong.

One of my life's biggest goals is learning to love beyond the usual limits that our world puts on people. And thankfully, my bff gave me the chance to live this out during a very hard political season, one fraught with danger for many long-lasting friendships. People who had been thick as thieves were suddenly miles apart ideologically, and they let disagreement bring discord.

Today, I recommit to seeking to improve another area of my character, because goals accomplished leave us room to set even more goals. I want to be kinder, gentler, more inclusive, and less cruel. Why? Because I want to be the one little lady at the nursing home that everyone loves and protects. If I get Alzheimer's, I want to embrace all these loving strangers who come by my room, whether I remember them or not. I want to happily go with the flow as I'm spoon fed and my diaper is changed. I want to be a joy to care for. And to accomplish that goal, I have to keep changing, because that's still not me.

So, please join me in letting go of bitterness, ugly inner thinking processes, and unkind intentions. Because if you're lucky, someday we might be roomies, wearing poorly buttoned nightgowns and sitting hairless and toothless in matching rockers side by side remarking on the lovely weather that neither of our darkened eyes can see.  Won't that be fun? It can be if we keep letting God mold us, transform us, and teach us to see the bright side of everything. I'm game. Are you?


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